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Desperate Times in Chicago with Justin Fields

Photo: Quinn Harris

Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields put his foot in his mouth yesterday and started a firestorm of backlash with his comments about coaching and subsequent clarification of those comments. Dan and the Danettes detail the yesterday’s rollercoaster ride courtesy of the Chicago media and address the reality of the Bears situation. The truth is that they are 0-2 and a double-digit underdog against the Kansas City Chiefs this week so conditions don’t look to be improving anytime soon. We’re going to find out quickly whether the Bears are all in on Justin Fields.

Dan Patrick: “It’s Chicago. They are hungry for a winner, and you bypassed the number one overall pick, you kept him, and you’re now 0-2. You lost to the Packers at home, you lost to Tampa Bay, and now you have Kansas City. You know this is desperate, desperate times here. And is Justin Fields their future? We’re going to find out here real quick if they’re all in on Justin Fields.”