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Brock Purdy Still Has Work To Do To Become Super Bowl-Caliber QB

Photo: ezra shaw

Doug Gottlieb: "Brock Purdy is smart, he knows where to go with the football, and he costs them nothing. And because he costs them nothing, they can use that money to load up on an unbelievably talented team, and his role is to just not lose it for them. Could Kirk Cousins be better? Yes, tomorrow, even today, if he could get on some sort of magic airplane. Are there others that could be in that discussion in play for the 49ers? Of course. That's what a 7th round pick looks like. There is a lower ceiling than you thought. He can still play, but there are guys with better arm talent that they may need to win a them a Super Bowl. If I were to say 'can Brock Purdy go out there and win you a game?' I don't have a definitive answer."

Doug Gottlieb reacts to the 49ers beating the Giants on Thursday night. Doug examines Brock Purdy's play and acknowledges his talent, but explains why Purdy is still showing that he has plenty of work to do before becoming a quarterback who can be relied on to single-handedly win a game and lead the talented 49ers roster to a Super Bowl.