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The Odd Couple Reacts to the NBA Damain Lillard Blockbuster Trade!

Photo: Megan Briggs

The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to the NBA with the blockbuster trade that went down between the Portland Trailblazers, the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Phoenix Suns. The trade centered around Portland Star Damian Lillard and Suns Center Deandre Ayton rocked the NBA!

Rob Parker: “If you are a Portland Trailblazer you should feel good about the front office and ownership and what they decided to do... Dame decided he didn’t want to be there anymore and they weren’t going to give him away to just please his wishes they waited and they waited and they didn’t cave in.”
Chris Broussard: “This isn’t us hating on Dame either, we actually think he is in a better situation now! I didn’t have a problem with him going to the Heat, but what I didn’t like is this idea that the Portland Trailblazers would have done Dame wrong sending him somewhere else or that they owed him something. They paid him 100s of millions of dollars, which he deserved, but they didn’t owe him anything past the money and to treat him with respect! He was putting his self-interest in front of the teams, which is fine that his prerogative, but don’t get mad when the team puts their self-interest ahead of yours!”