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The Bar for Zach Wilson is Too Low

Photo: Dustin Satloff

Chris Broussard: "Last night was an example of how absolutely low the expectations have fallen for Zach Wilson. It wasn't like he lit the world on fire last night. He didn't even throw for 250 yards. His offense scored 18 points, which is nothing to write home about, and he had the fumble that essentially cost them the game, and yet we're raving about him like he's the next hotness. The kid did make some great throws. All he did last night was look like a solid, serviceable quarterback. If Jacoby Brissett did what Zach Wilson did last night, would people be raving about him? I don't want to rain on his parade, he played well. It was the first time that he showed he could actually be a starting quarterback."
Rob Parker: "People are jumping around like he threw for 500 yards last night! Patrick Mahomes had his fourth-worst QBR of his career. Zach Wilson had his fourth-best. And Mahomes' QBR last night was STILL higher than Wilson's! This is what you're celebrating?!"

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker believe people are giving Zach Wilson too much credit for having his best performance of the season on Sunday night against the Chiefs. The guys break down how the expectations for Wilson have dipped so low that fans and media members alike were duped into believing that Wilson showed tremendous promise by keeping the Jets competitive at home against Kansas City.