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Rob Parker Blasts 'Crybaby' Micah Parsons For His Anti-NFL Media Rant

Micah Parsons: “I just don’t condone the bashing of Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys. Have the same energy for the Eagles. We want the same energy for everybody. Because there’s a whole bunch of bashing when it’s Dak Prescott, but not the same when it’s the Eagles. // If y’all just gonna hate Cowboys Nation, just say y’all hate Cowboys Nation. I’m tired of people trashing my quarterback. I’m tired of people trashing my team. And that’s why I had nothing to say to the media this week. You want to hear me talk? Come hear me talk on 'The Edge' Monday night.” 

Rob Parker: “After listening to that drivel I don’t wanna hear him. That’s typical. The unsophisticated ‘WHY ARE YOU SO TOUGH ON US?’ You’re the Cowboys! What part don’t you get?? YOU’RE THE FREAKING COWBOYS, MICAH PARSONS! YOU’RE NOT PLAYING FOR THE CAROLINA PANTHERS! It’s so ridiculous that he would get on and bellyache. You’re on every damn primetime game, more than anyone else in the effing league. ‘cOmE tO bLeAcHeR rEpOrT aNd hEaR mE tAlK’. What fan in their right mind wants to hear Micah Parsons cry like a big baby? WIN SOME GAMES, DAMNIT! That's all you gotta do. You don’t understand it?? The Cowboys haven’t been to an NFC Championship since Moby Dick was a guppy! You got an owner who’s on the radio all the time! C’mon dude, don’t be that naïve. STOP IT. // It’s just mind-boggling. For a lot of these guys [in the media] it’s the most dishonest take that they could give fans, and fans can flock there but it’s dishonest. That’s why team websites don’t have the traffic that established and real news organizations do because people see through it and know what it is when a team is running the site. Don’t make it like you can’t understand the difference between you and the Carolina Panthers or the Tampa Bay Bucs, and why they’re talking about the Cowboys in such pressure and intensity. Dude, this is basics, we all know that. Did everyone let the Yankees go quietly when they didn’t make the playoffs this year? They got KILLED. When you’re the big dog this is what happens. You get all that love when you’re winning and you get all that pushback when things aren’t going right. I don’t think the Cowboys are mistreated for a team that has won three playoff games in the last 28 years. They probably get way too much coverage anyway.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Rob Parker on Fox Sports Radio’s ‘The Odd Couple’ rip Cowboys linebacker for Micah Parsons for his recent public grumblings that Dak Prescott and the Cowboys get too much ridicule in the media, with Parker pointing out how ‘unsophisticated’ Parsons sounds. 

Check out the segment above as Parker and co-host Chris Broussard remind Parsons that the star on the side of his helmet is the only reason why his fame is as high as it is now, and that not expecting heavy blowback when ‘America’s Team’ loses is just laughable. 

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