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'Hard Knocks In-Season' Dooms Dolphins

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins

Photo: Megan Briggs / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Brady Quinn and Jonas Knox give their condolences to the Miami Dolphins who started the season on a hot streak, but are now doomed because of their commitment to in-season 'Hard Knocks.'

Jonas Knox: "Obviously a team looking to get to a Super Bowl. They've got a ton of talent. They've been really fun to watch, but unfortunately, that has all come to an end because they have accepted an offer to be on 'Hard Knocks In-Season.' So that'll go ahead and wrap up the Miami Dolphins Super Bowl run for 2023. It was a great run and lasted about a month and a half, but the Miami Dolphins will be eliminated from consideration."
Brady Quinn: "The things you want to learn and understand about them, because their offense is so much fun to watch and so explosive, is all the behind the scenes X's and O's. Yet they're not going to share any of that."