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You Should Be Rooting For Adolis Garcia In This World Series

Photo: Stacy Revere

Rich Davis: "If you want a storyline from the World Series that's pretty sweet, it's the story of Adolis Garcia. He went from defecting from Cuba, gets 2 hits in the bigs, struggles, no one wants him for 4 years. Re-emerges, and the dude lights it up, becomes and All-Star, takes his team to the World Series."
Steve Covino: "When you hear the story of Adolis Garcia and what he went through, what he overcame, his struggles and his journey, and how he's playing, how could you not get behind that if you don't have any horse in the race?"

Covino and Rich explain why Rangers OF Adolis Garcia is the best story to come out of the 2023 World Series. The guys look back on his lengthy struggle to stardom, starting by defecting from Cuba, toiling in the minors for years, being released and traded for nothing, eventually falling into the right situation with the Rangers and blossoming into an All-Star as a 28-year-old rookie and recently becoming the ALCS MVP.