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Lane Kiffin Isn’t the Villain

Photo: Kevin C. Cox

Ole Miss Head Football Coach, Lane Kiffin is facing a lawsuit for berating one of his players last year despite that player claiming to suffer from depression and audio of Kiffin’s comments recently became public. It has sparked a conversation about the treatment of student athletes with mental health concerns and Doug Gottlieb weighs in. While he wholeheartedly supports providing treatment for those who suffer, he thinks the pendulum has swung too far toward “player empowerment.” With NIL rules, transfer protocols and billions being invested in these young men, it’s natural that some will take advantage of the changing landscape for personal gain.

Doug Gottlieb: “The pendulum has shifted so much, the athlete is so empowered, that you could actually not show up for the only reason you have a scholarship, and still be on scholarship. That’s insane!”