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Should Ole Miss HC Lane Kiffin Be Criticized for His Coaching Style?

Photo: Justin Ford

Back in September Ole Miss defensive tackle DeStano Rollins filed a $40 million dollar lawsuit against Ole Miss Head Coach Lane Kiffin and the university. It all stems from Kiffin kicking DeSanto off of the football team. Chris Broussard and Rob Parker debate who they think is in the right and let us know why!

Rob Parker: “I’m behind the player, he made the contact and didn’t just ignore the school completely! He responded and said I’m not ready to meet and for the coach to totally dismiss that he has something mentally that messed with him, I’m not with that!”
Chris Broussard: “If there is proof that white kids and females are being treated differently it’s a different story, but from what I’m seeing with this I got no problem with Lane Kiffin talking like that. I’ve had coaches talk to me way worse than that... It is common place for the college coaches to talk to players like that! There is a line obviously and I don’t think he crossed it!”