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The Bills' Super Bowl Window is Nearly Shut

Photo: Timothy T Ludwig

Jason Smith: "Even coming in to the year, you could tell that Stefon Diggs wasn't happy, and now he's got his brother tweeting out that Diggs has to get out of there. This will be the end of Stefon Diggs in Buffalo. It will be the end of a lot of things in Buffalo, too, because they're going to have to start over. It's not that suddenly the Bills are an awful team, but their Super Bowl window is closing, and it will close at the end of the year with this group. It looks like it might already be closed."
Mike Harmon: "The thing with the AFC though, who are you saying has it all together? Nobody! The Ravens don't close. The Chiefs offense still hasn't gotten it together. The point is, in the AFC, it's a bleeping mess all the way around. There's no team running away and hiding, you just need your ticket to the dance. Bills have a tough schedule remaining, but I wouldn't definitively rule them out."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the Buffalo Bills losing late to the Denver Broncos on Monday night. The guys examine how the on and off-field issues with the Bills are becoming too much to hide from, leaving them as a 5-5 team after Week 10. Jason and Mike debate if the Bills have a chance to contend this year before they inevitably have to blow it up this offseason.