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Bills Still Haunted By 13 Seconds Left Against the Chiefs

Photo: David Eulitt

Doug Gottlieb: "I don't think the Bills have ever gotten over those 13 seconds. And how could you? It wasn't just playing for the Super Bowl, it was playing for the Super Bowl and not having to beat the Kansas City Chiefs again. That was the year the Chiefs could be beaten. You had them dead to right, and you let them get away. There's just some things you don't get over. I don't think they've gotten over it, and I don't think they'll ever get over it. Did they win 13 games last season? Yes. Did they beat the Chiefs in the regular season? Sure. But once again you lose in the Divisional Round, you're like 'what are we doing here?' They lose to the Bengals, who beat the Chiefs the year before. I think this is that inability to get over the flaws of the past, and you start blaming everybody. What you're seeing is nothing more and nothing less than past trauma. Sports PTSD. We talk all the time about teams that get to the Super Bowl and lose, and how hard it is to get back to the point. This is just that, only on steroids."

Doug Gottlieb reacts to the Buffalo Bills losing to the Denver Broncos on Monday night. Doug believes the Bills' struggles can still be traced back to their 2021 Divisional Round exit to the Kansas City Chiefs. Doug breaks down how the highly-regarded offense under Josh Allen has consistently stumbled in its attempts to return to the dominant levels they had under Brian Daboll and explains why the ghosts of their recent past will ultimately sink the franchise's chances at getting their elusive Super Bowl title with this talented group.