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Jason Whitlock Rips Deion 'Worshipers' For Believing the Lie of Coach Prime

Jason Whitlock: “I know many of you Deion worshipers are in knots and you thought I was done... ‘WHITLOCK TALKING ABOUT DEION AGAIN! THAT’S ALL HE DO, HE’S OBSESSED WITH DEION!’... I did not touch Deion all of last week, and they lost last week too. I just want to put Deion in proper focus. This whole little ‘miracle in Boulder’ and how improved Colorado is, that’s all been a lie and a myth. It’s all been created by social media and corporate media to drive clicks and TV ratings. ‘IT’S INCREDIBLE WHAT DEION HAS DONE! THEY ONLY WON ONE GAME LAST YEAR!’... So far, Deion has not done anything the previous coaches weren't doing routinely at Colorado – winning four games and finishing at the bottom or near the bottom of the Pac-12. That’s where they’re headed right now. ‘BUT LAST YEAR THEY ONLY WON ONE GAME AND THEY WAS GETTING BLOWN OUT IN EVERY GAME LAST YEAR! THESE GAMES HAVE BEEN CLOSE, WHAT DO YOU MEAN?? THIS HAS BEEN INCREDIBLE!’... If you watch the games and know what you’re looking at, everything that has gone on with Colorado has been very predictable. If you watched TCU, if you watched Nebraska, if you watched the Colorado State game in particular, all the signs were pointing towards ‘this thing is going to collapse.’ And there was ONE person, ONE show willing to tell you ‘this thing is going to collapse, this isn't headed on the right track, this team is undisciplined, this team doesn’t have a strategy that fits its actual personnel, this team is being coached by a helicopter parent who is running it like a pee-wee football team.' One guy was willing to tell you that and I’ve been vilified and ripped for doing it." (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV's Fearless blast the Deion Sanders apologists who bought into the media creation known as 'Coach Prime', as Whitlock takes credit as being the only one who stood strong in the mainstream media and resisted the 'lie' of Colorado football's hyperbolic ascent.

Six losses in seven games after their 3-0 start and Colorado is at risk of finishing in dead-last place in the Pac-12 standings, with two road games against favored Washington State and Utah presenting a very realistic possibility of concluding the season with a 4-8 overall record and 1-7 in-conference.

Check out the video above as Whitlock details why Colorado's collapse was predictable and why it was obvious that Deion was way over his skis from the very beginning.

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