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Deshaun Watson Injury Doesn’t Mean the End For The Browns!

Photo: Scott Taetsch

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon breakdown the Browns announcing QB Deshaun Watson is to undergo season ending shoulder surgery! The guys let us know how they think the controversial QB got injured and what is next for the Cleveland Browns!

Jason Smith: “I can give you a big sunny side up for Cleveland, I know things look awful right now and I’ve seen all types of things about the Browns being screwed or a cursed franchise. I got news for you the Browns are going to be fine because they have the best defense in the NFL!”
Mike Harmon: “Certainly a big blow to a team that really the defense has done such a good job at pacing things and they have overcome the loss of Nick Chubb with Jerome Ford and several other running backs and now to stay the course and have to navigate the rest of the season with the return of DTR?”