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Draymond Green's Attention-Seeking Antics Are Transparent

Photo: Ezra Shaw

The Golden State Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves got into a dust-up before the first points were even scored last night and unsurprisingly, Draymond Green involved himself in the fight. Dan Patrick is convinced this is all an attention-seeking ploy from Draymond Green as he looks to transition into broadcasting when he retires. He’s already got a popular podcast and his antics make him the obvious guy to join brash former players like Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal in the broadcast studio.

Dan Patrick: “It looked like Rudy Gobert was trying to break things up and then Draymond went WWE. He’s got him in a headlock there. But this is who he is. He’s not changing. You can’t tell him to change. Nobody does Draymond the way Draymond does according to Draymond, and he loves this. His play doesn’t get singled out anymore; this is where he gets attention. And, you know, he has a podcast. He’ll probably be a broadcaster on TNT when this is all said and done. So, he has kind of rolled this into his next job by being this kind of player.”