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Rob Parker: "Warriors Enable Draymond Greens Bad Behavior!"

Photo: Tim Warner

Rob Parker and Kerry Rhodes break down the Timberwolves-Warriors brawl in Tuesdays in-season tournament game. Warriors PF Draymond Green was suspended by the NBA for 5 games for putting Wolves C Rudy Gobert in a headlock during the brawl. The guys debate if the Warriors are enabling Draymond’s actions and talk who is to blame!

Rob Parker: “I think I finally realized Steve Kerr isn’t the guy I thought he was when Draymond went unpunished for punching his teammate... The reason Draymond is who Draymond is, is because the Warriors have been enablers! They are driving their alcoholic uncle home and he asks to stop at the liquor store and they pull over!
Kerry Rhodes: “Are they enabling him? Yes 100%, but you have to remember this, Steve Kerr came from a background with a player that is very similar to Draymond on his team in Dennis Rodman, so he knows how Phil Jackson handled that situation, and Rodman was doing things that other guys weren’t allowed to do all the time...Stuff like that is apart of Steve Kerr’s DNA.”