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Anthony Davis Struggles Suspiciously in Back-to-Backs Games

Photo: Christian Petersen

The Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Sacramento Kings in the second of back-to-back games and C Anthony Davis just wasn’t good. Doug considers the reasons for Davis’ struggles playing two nights in a row and suggests Davis may eventually use his poor performances as an excuse to try and take those nights off.

Doug Gottlieb: “If you’re Anthony Davis and you really wanted to try and pull rank, you’d go like, ‘That’s why I shouldn’t play on back-to-backs. I suck on back-to-backs. I’m just not a back-to-back guy.’ Maybe that’s what it was; it was a personal protest. ‘I don’t want to play on back-to-backs.’ ‘You have to play on back-to-backs.’ ‘Fine, this is how I play on back-to-backs.’”