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Dan Patrick Is Disappointed by Charissa Thompson’s Brazen Admission

Photo: Grant Halverson

Longtime sideline reporter Charissa Thompson appeared on a local radio show and unapologetically admitted she would fabricate reports when she was unable to speak to the head coach or gather any pertinent information while working NFL games. Dan talks about his respect for the difficulties facing sideline reporters and how disappointed he is by Thompson’s brazen admission, especially because he considers her to be a friend. She has taken a major hit to her credibility for one flippant comment and her career may never be the same.

Dan Patrick: “Charissa came off as really unapologetic. Brazen was probably a word that would come to mind...Look, I love Charissa. I do. (I’ve) known her a long time. I’ve been there in her life with a few things that have gone on. Umm, this really hurt me. Like, I was bummed...I was disappointed is the word that came to mind.”