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Last Night Was A Continuing Story For Patrick Mahomes

Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs

Photo: Getty Images North America

Rob Parker: “This is subpar! One 4th quarter touchdown in 3 straight games? This sounds like Zach Wilson with no points in the 2nd half in three straight games! His interception percentage is the highest of his career! We’ve never seen this! All the other numbers, the lowest in his career! He’s not that dude this year!”
Chris Broussard: “He’s not having a good season by anybody’s standards. And yet, he’s thrown 19 touchdowns. Guess how many quarterbacks have thrown more than Patrick Mahomes? TWO! Josh Allen and Tua Tagovailoa! I think that’s pretty good, while he’s certainly not having his typical season...I would put the majority of it on his wide receivers!”

On this edition of The Odd Couple, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker debated the standing of Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs after their loss to the Eagles last night, with Rob taking the stance that Mahomes has clearly fallen off, while Chris isn’t quite ready to write him off just yet!