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Steeler Fans Get Their Wish; Matt Canada Is Gone

Photo: Joe Sargent

The Pittsburgh Steelers have fired Offensive Coordinator, Matt Canada and Dan Patrick reacts to the breaking news. He reminds us that the Steelers offense hasn’t been good for years and they’ve been even worse this season, having been outgained in every game by their opponents. Despite their feeble offense, they still have a 6-4 record and perhaps this move will spark a playoff run.

Dan Patrick: “Steeler fans, you got your wish. They have fired the Offensive Coordinator, Matt Canada...They’re the seventh team in...the last 23 years to be outgained in each of their first 10 games of a season, so it’s remarkable they’re 6-4. The defense has been wonderful. The defense is probably saying to the offense, ‘Can you get us 14 points? 13 points? Four field goals? Can you help us just a little bit?’ But I think the tipping point was; you lose to Dorian Thompson-Robinson, a third string quarterback, and the Browns, division rival, and the offense does very little.”