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Dan Patrick: LeBron James‘ Longevity Trumps Michael Jordan’s Greatness

Photo: Kevork Djansezian

LeBron James scored his 39,000th point last night in the Los Angeles Lakers’ blowout win over the Utah Jazz last night and Dan Patrick thinks King James should get more credit than he gets for the greatest career in the history of the NBA. Now don’t get it twisted because Dan still believes Michael Jordan is the greatest player he’s ever seen, but LeBron has given us eight more years of dominating play than Michael did, and he’s still going. He deserves more credit for his unparalleled career.

Dan Patrick: “(Michael Jordan) wins six, LeBron wins four, but LeBron gets you back there and LeBron is still playing, where Michael, you know, he retires and then he comes back with the Wizards. So, who do you take? If I present it that way, I give you the longevity, greatness of LeBron James...LeBron’s going to give you eight more years where Mike’s going to be out of the game. And if you consider that, the totality of their careers, LeBron is a better basketball player. But, once again I’ll come back and say that Michael Jordan’s the greatest I’ve ever seen. And if you have a game to win, I want him leading the charge. But I think sometimes what LeBron does gets lost.”