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Rob Parker: Deion's First Season at Colorado Was a Failure

Photo: Chris Gardner

Rob Parker: "When you start 3-0, you change expectations... I'm not saying they were supposed to win 10 games or anything like that, but the embarrassing losses that they had, and the way they played... that's what makes you feel like it fell apart."
Chris Broussard: "If you step back and you look at where they came from and what they were supposed to be, even though it ended ugly, I think it was a success. Not as much as they wanted, but I think overall it was a success."

With Deion Sanders' first season as head coach at Colorado in the books, Chris and Rob take a step back and ask one simple question: was year one a success? Rob thinks while expectations surrounding Coach Prime and the Buffaloes may have started modest, the team's impressive performances early on completely changed the outlook on what the season could have been. After that, they simply didn't live up. Chris disagrees, and thinks that the program's overall improvement from a year ago and newly injected energy certainly qualify as successful.