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The Bloom Is Off The Rose In Colorado

Photo: Chris Gardner

Colorado Buffaloes Head Football Coach, Deion Sanders isn’t happy about some of his recruits de-committing and he made his feeling known. After a rousing start to the season, the Buffaloes ended with only four wins and landed in the cellar of the soon to be defunct Pac-12 despite the incessant hype surrounding Deion’s first foray into big-time college football. Doug considers Colorado to be a microcosm of college football in 2023; everything looks fantastic on the surface but the results are a complete mess.

Doug Gottlieb: “Colorado is the perfect example of college football in 2023. You go out and get a coach who comes in and completely changes how we look at things for about three or four months. And then you fall back and you’re like; yeah, that thing was a complete mess...”