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The Chicago Bears Will Be Relevant in February

Photo: Adam Bettcher

The Chicago Bears managed to squeak out a win over a divisional opponent for the first time since 2021 despite not scoring a touchdown. It was just bad football last night and QB Justin Fields didn’t make a strong case for the Bears to pick up his fifth-year option. And considering the Bears are looking at having two of the top five picks in the upcoming NFL Draft, they obviously need to consider moving on from Fields. 

Dan Patrick: “They’re going to be really relevant in February, March and April because when the Bears are on the clock, what do they do with their know, they’re going to have two top five picks maybe...With Justin Fields; are you going to pick up his fifth-year option? But you don’t even score a touchdown last night. At least give us the indication you’re capable of scoring a touchdown. They had four turnovers. They scored three points off four turnovers. But do you keep Justin Fields? Would they pass on another quarterback this year?”