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Jason Smith: Caleb Williams is Realizing He Might Not Be the First Pick

Photo: Sean M. Haffey

Jason Smith: "Why suddenly is it a game-time decision for Caleb Williams to go the NFL?... It could be he doesn't like who's picking first, but honestly, teams that stink [always] pick first. He wants to go number one overall. So the only other reason is if you're getting reports that maybe you're not gonna be the first guy off the board; that maybe somebody else has passed you and somebody else is gonna get taken first overall."

Star USC quarterback Caleb Williams recently changed his tune a bit in terms of his NFL draft intentions, saying it's going to be a "game time decision" on whether or not he declares. Jason and Mike react and attempt to work out the young signal-caller's thought process. Jason says one of two things is happening: either Williams doesn't want to play for any of the teams trending toward the top pick, or he's gotten some new information on his draft stock.