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Mike Gundy: We Have a Collective NIL Package for All Players

Photo: Brian Bahr

Oklahoma State Head Football Coach and Big 12 Coach of the Year, Mike Gundy joins Doug Gottlieb on The Doug Gottlieb Show. They take a deep dive into his program and how he likes to run things. They talk about their upcoming Big 12 title game against Texas. And Gundy explains how they are adjusting to the new NIL rules in college football and how they are using it to help their entire squad, not just the marketable players.

Mike Gundy: “The majority of our team we have covered under a collective NIL where we distribute about $1,000/$1,200 a month or so amongst everybody on this team that has done what they’re supposed to do and are contributing; walk-on or not walk-on, starter or not starter, travel roster or not travel roster.”