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Jason Whitlock: 'White Derangement Syndrome' Ruined Juwan Howard's Career

Jason Whitlock: "If Juwan Howard was a former football player at any level -- if he played football at the pee wee level, let alone the NFL level -- everyone in the media would claim he’s suffering from CTE. They would say this dude is crazy and has no control over his faculties. But since he’s a basketball player, nobody says anything. They say it’s not a big deal, or they make excuses, or it’s ‘racism’, or whatever... Juwan Howard isn’t suffering from CTE, he’s suffering from 'BLM.' Since the death of George Floyd, Howard has decorated the Michigan warm-ups with ‘BLM’ slogans, and has been one of the most outspoken proponents of ‘Black Lives Matter.’ He’s not alone. The ‘BLM’ disease is rampant among Black people. It’s a mindset that says all Black problems are rooted in the existence of White people and White authority. When Juwan Howard loses a game, he’s programed to believe that White people cost him the points he needed to win. It’s ‘White Derangement Syndrome.’ Academia, corporate media, and the high-profile race-hustlers that academia and corporate media promote have brainwashed Black people into believing White people are God and control the destiny of Black people. As a Black person, if you do not believe White people control your destiny, academia, high-profile race hustlers, and corporate & social media will smear you as a 'sellout.' Your family and friends will join in on the smear. 'White Derangement Syndrome' is a mass psychosis crippling Black men. I’ve watched it with my own eyes destroy Juwan Howard. Thirty years ago, Juwan Howard was one of the best young people in all of sports. In high school he was a part of the National Honor Society. He was Homecoming king. He was president of his high school senior boys council. He was mature, and a steady presence on the highest profile college basketball team of all time. He declared for the NBA after three years in college but circled back to complete his degree in communications alongside his classmates. For two decades NBA teams sought his leadership and intangibles. He was groomed in Pat Riley’s system. What happened? Juwan Howard lived the American dream. He worked hard and used his God-given talents to elevate his station. From the age of 12, the basketball world wooed Howard and provided him financial, educational, and emotional support. Why is Juwan Howard so angry? 'White Derangement Syndrome'. It requires Black people to ingest and spew racial animus. That animus drives you insane and takes a toll on your physical health. Howard is an elite athlete who needed heart surgery at 50. Anger is unhealthy, so is a constant feeling of dependence. Since the rise of social media, Black people have been programmed to the view the world through the lens of race, it's called being 'woke.' Our ancestors were -- for a lack of a better description -- asleep. Or were they? This generation is locked in a self-destructive trans. We have abandoned our ancestors' values for the values of the secular. Our ancestors fought for a society that evaluated life and people based on a set of agreed upon biblical principles and values. Their fight led to freedom and progress. ‘White Derangement Syndrome’ leads to insanity and lost opportunity. Juwan Howard is an unreliable and volatile leader because he doesn't even believe he’s in control of his own destiny. He thinks he’s a victim. Victims make terrible coaches. Michigan is looking for an excuse to fire Howard that will allow the school to avoid being called 'racist'. It's the same exit strategy Michigan State deployed to get rid of its football coach, Mel Tucker. Juwan Howard's anger problem symbolizes the insanity of 'Black Lives Matter'. The reason why I'm leaning into this is because it's not just Juwan Howard. It's virtually all of us. This whole 'BLM ' psychosis that we've bought into, this mentality is crippling us. You think it's empowering you at the work place. 'YEAH, I GOT WHITE PEOPLE OVER THE BARREL. THEY FEEL SO GUILTY, THEY'RE AFRAID TO FIRE ME. THEY'RE GOING TO PROMOTE ME TO PROVE THAT THEY'RE NOT RACIST'... And let's say it works. Let's say that's why Michigan hired Juwan Howard. He's had 4-5 years to be the head coach and he's now going to leave in disgrace. He's destroyed himself. He's blown the opportunity that was given to him. He had a chance, with all the support Michigan was going to surround him with, and with all the efforts they were going to do to try to make their alum a success. He's blown it all. He's put a clown suit on himself and the University of Michigan. His reputation is destroyed and in tatters. This is not the same guy I met in 1992, and it’s not the same guy I watched go through an NBA career. He was not this angry, he was not this volatile, he was not this triggered by White people... And he is now. If we don't come out of this mass psychosis that has been built around us through 'Black Lives Matter', and to seeing ourselves as victims, and to see everything that goes against us as this incredible sign that 'OH, WHITE PEOPLE ARE PULLING STRINGS! THAT'S WHY I LOST THIS GAME! THAT'S WHY SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED TO ME! THAT'S WHY I DON'T HAVE THE SAT SCORE! THAT'S WHY I DIDN'T GET INTO THIS COLLEGE! THAT'S WHY I DIDN'T GET THIS PROMOTION!'... Particularly as a man, when you don't see yourself as the ultimate solution, when you don't see yourself as the controller of your destiny, if you think others are in control of your destiny you've basically cut your own balls off. You've emasculated yourself and signed up for a level of insanity that looks exactly like Juwan Howard. Any adversity and you snap, you start striking out, and you're controlled by your emotions. You have zero emotional control because you don't hold yourself to any standard because you're not responsible for your own destiny. When you surrender that and go 'WHITE PEOPLE ARE IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING!', that means you're in control of nothing, not even yourself, and that's what we see repeatedly from Juwan Howard. He's not even in control of himself, he's given that up. He surrendered that to whoever his White gods are." (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV's Fearless explain his theory on why he thinks 'Black Lives Matter' destroyed the once-promising coaching career of embattled Michigan Wolverines basketball coach Juwan Howard, as Whitlock chronicles the lengthy history of Howard's increasingly hostile behavior as Michigan's head coach both on and off the floor.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why 'White Derangement Syndrome' is the culprit behind Howard's seemingly universal animosity towards opposing coaches, referees, and even his own staff, with Whitlock describing why he thinks 'BLM' has transformed Howard into an 'angry man', and an individual that is nothing like the charming 'Fab Five' star that Whitlock covered in the early 90s when he was a reporter for The Ann Arbor News.

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