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Michael Penix Jr. and Kalen DeBoer Would Be a Great Pair in the NFL

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Texas v Washington

Photo: Sean Gardner / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox and Brady Quinn react to Washington advancing to the National Championship and believe the winning formula of Michael Penix Jr. and Coach Kalen DeBoer could continue in the pros if an NFL team is willing to take a chance.

Brady Quinn: "Michael Penix to me has the best tape of any one of the quarterbacks this season. He has the best tape in regards to how it's gonna translate to the next level... I wonder if a team, if they fell in love with Penix and they had a head coaching vacancy, would give Kalen DeBoer a call. I think the guy's a great head coach. If you look at what he did in Indiana with Penix together, what they have done in Washington together so far, maybe you want to keep that going."
Jonas Knox: "I wonder if teams are going to actually take a different approach to this and maybe not be so dismissive of it. If you're gonna draft Michael Penix why would you not bring in the guy who's made it work in multiple spots with him?"