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Colin Cowherd Rips NFL Pro Bowl After Pat Mahomes Gets Bid Over Josh Allen

Colin Cowherd: “The NFL does so many things right and the Pro Bowl is not one of them. Josh Allen leads the NFL with 42 touchdowns and didn’t make the Pro Bowl. If the Bills win this weekend against Miami, and I think they will, they will be the number two seed. Tua, who can’t beat Josh Allen, made it. Did you see that game last week against Baltimore? Did Tua look like a starter in the Pro Bowl?? Mahomes, having the worst year of his career, made it too. Mahomes and Josh Allen have the same number of passing touchdowns, 27. Allen has 15 rushing touchdowns, Mahomes has zero. Josh Allen beat Mahomes head-to-head. He has 15 more total touchdowns. The turnovers are fairly even. The teams are both 10-6. Mahomes made it, Allen didn’t, and I love Mahomes. The Bills offense scores 27 points per game. The Chiefs, with the smartest offensive coach perhaps in our life, Andy Reid, score 22 a game. I don’t know, maybe the FIFTEEN EXTRA RUSHING TOUCHDOWNS IMPACTED THAT. Everybody likes Mahomes, but Josh Allen has dealt with a defensive coach, he doesn’t have Andy Reid. They fired their OC so he’s on his second OC this year. Stefon Diggs drama, head coach had drama, fifteen more rushing touchdowns, beat Mahomes head-to-head, same record, and he doesn’t make it? The Oscars in Hollywood, the Emmys in television, Pro Bowls, Heisman voting – I can’t take any of it seriously. Mahomes and Andy Reid are Walsh/Montana, I savor them every Sunday, but both would acknowledge that they’ve struggled all year. Josh Allen has been Superman most of the year. Allen leads the NFL in touchdowns and can’t make his conference’s Pro Bowl? C’mon now. I don’t get it.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd call out the NFL Pro Bowl’s selection process after Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes got selected over Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen despite Mahomes having the worst statistical season of his career.  

Both the Bills and Chiefs have the same record, with Allen having the head-to-head win over Mahomes this season, but Allen has accounted for 15 more total touchdowns than Mahomes, and a QBR [68.2] that tops Mahomes’ [62.5] as well. The Chiefs offense has been in an obvious disarray all season, with their scoring down from a a league-leading 29.2 points and 413.6 yards last season, to 22.4 points and 356.5 yards this season.

Check out the segment above as Colin says that the NFL is known for usually ‘getting things right’, but clearly Pro Bowl voting has become a glaring oversight.

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