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Rich & Covino React to Alabama HC Nick Saban Retiring After 17 Seasons!

Photo: Todd Kirkland

Alabama’s Head Coach Nick Saban retires after 17 season with the Crimson Tide. Saban won six national championships with the power house SEC team and had a NCAA record of 297-71-1, putting him 5th on the all-time winning list. Rich Davis, Steve Covino, & Dan Beyer react to the news and break down why the legendary coach might have retired!

Rich Davis: “I’m not an ‘I told you so’ kind of guy, but weeks ago remember we had a conversation about knowing when the right time to checkout is... I said with the NIL transfer portal and all the stuff going on in the college football I wouldn’t be surprised if Nick Saban said this is a perfect time for me to say ‘I’ve done it all.’”
Steve Covino: “Things start to change around you and you start to feel like you are over staying your welcome, that’s the vibe I was getting!”