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Covino and Rich: It's Time For Belichick to Call It Quits


Covino and Rich react to the New England Patriots parting ways with legendary head coach Bill Belichick this morning. With the entire sports world attempting to forecast which team he ultimately lands with, the guys think it's actually time for the 71-year-old to call it a career and finally leave the coaching world behind for good.

Rich Davis: "When you think about some of the most legendary coaches and managers of all time in sports -- much like some bands or musicians -- they have a couple great albums, and then they can never really recapture that magic... some people have one or a few great albums, and then it's like, what happened?... Jimmy Johnson went to Dallas and was a winner... And then you remember what happened in Miami? We hardly even remember Jimmy Johnson coached the Dolphins for a couple years... Bill Parcells... Joe Torry... Vince Lombardi... Mike Holmgren... Sometimes no matter what you're given, it's just like, nah it's not gonna work [this time]."
Steve Covino: "Yeah, style, players, the way it gels... Belichick was the right guy at the right time with that Patriots team where he could build that legacy."