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Colin Cowherd: Why the 49ers Are Not Legitimate Super Bowl Contenders

Colin Cowherd: “Nothing against Brock Purdy, it’s not that he’s bad, but what I’ve said all year is: I don’t see the ‘special’. Most of this is the roster and Kyle Shanahan. This weekend when the weather was not perfect and he misses Deebo Samuel, he’s ordinary. The final four quarterbacks are Lamar Jackson – the MVP, Patrick Mahomes – a wizard, number one pick Jared Goff, and the last guy picked in the Draft, Brock Purdy. I love Kyle Shanahan, but he is completely tied to his play-sheet. He doesn’t feel like a great second-half adapter to me. He came with a gameplan, it’s usually brilliant, they usually roll over people, but they’re not a good come-from-behind team because I’m not sure they adapt. Once Deebo Samuel got hurt it’s not the same offense. You can’t just do what you do with Lamar and say ‘TAKE IT OVER, KID! MAKE SOME PLAYS WITH YOUR FEET!’... January football is different. The weather is worse, stars get beaten up and have to leave in the first quarter, your opposition is better, the coaching is better... You gotta adapt. I’ve seen this with San Francisco before. Better scheme, better roster, average quarterback, and they don't hold a trophy. I just can’t see Brock Purdy, especially without Deebo Samuel, hoisting a trophy. They’re getting very Christian McCaffrey-reliant. Think about this... Lamar Jackson is on a third-string running back, has a rookie receiver, missing his star tight end, and the left tackle is sometimes available, and he’s great, no impact. Meanwhile, Mahomes’ receivers led the NFL in drops, not been comfortable with his offensive tackles all year long, in the tougher AFC, aging tight end, loses coordinators every couple years... No impact, 5-0 in his last five playoff games. Brock Purdy has a little rain, Deebo Samuel leaves, and it doesn’t look the same. That does not feel like a ‘hoist the trophy’ Super Bowl team and quarterback. There were eight quarterbacks I watched this weekend, and San Francisco’s was the eighth-most talented. Sorry, it’s what I see, I’m not a ‘stat guy.’” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd explain why the San Francisco 49ers aren’t a legitimate Super Bowl contender after their narrow home win over heavy underdog Green Bay on Saturday, saying he’s already lost faith in Brock Purdy as a Super Bowl-winning quarterback with star receiver Deebo Samuels not at 100%. 

Check out the segment above as Colin also has concerns with 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, saying the offensive maestro is failing to make pertinent second half adjustments, and forcibly rolling with a set game plan despite the need for strategic accommodations.

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