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Jason Kelce is The Most Likabale Man in Sports

Photo: David Eulitt

Rich Davis: "Fans already knew who Jason Kelce was, but now he is on the mainstream stage, and it's very hard to hate this guy, who you're seeing to be one of the most hard-nosed, great players. Future Hall of Famer. Great guy. Great dad. Great teammate. Is Jason Kelce arguably the most likable athlete in sports right now? Because with every other star athlete, there's going to be an equal amount of hate. LeBron James, Steph Curry, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, they all get hate."
Steve Covino: "Eagles fans are even okay with him partying with opposing fans, because they love that dude. They understand that he just loves his brother and they respect that. Eagles fans give him that pass, and not everyone would get that kind of pass."

Covino & Rich react to the Divisional Round matchup between the Chiefs and Bills. The guys break down how Eagles C Jason Kelce stole the headlines and social media buzz from both the game and his more-famous suitemate, Taylor Swift. The guys make the case that Jason Kelce may be the most universally liked player in all of sports.