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Lamar Jackson Missed His Super Bowl Window

Photo: Patrick Smith

Jason Smith: "The Chiefs are not nearly the offensive juggernaut they've been. This is the game you win. You have the best offense in the league at home. You are unbeatable at home. And what happened? You lose. You lose to the Chiefs, and you're offense plays terrible, and you play terrible. Tell me when Lamar Jackson is going to get to the Super Bowl? He's not. Look at all the other quarterbacks in the AFC who are his age. These are big-time heavyweights that are going to roll on, and they're in their mid-20s. Tell me when Lamar Jackson is going to get a chance to get back there again and actually win the game. We've seen him in the playoffs. He's not good enough. They get stopped. The Ravens don't have the clutch gene that the Chiefs do. This was the year to do it. You didn't win this year, it's not happening. Lamar Jackson ain't getting to a Super Bowl, and he's not winning one."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the Ravens losing to the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game. Jason breaks down why he believes Lamar Jackson missed out on the best shot he had at reaching and winning a Super Bowl, and explains why Jackson will never succeed in reaching the big game for the rest of his career.