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Jason Smith: “Did We Need Leaks to Know the Jets Suck?”

Photo: Billie Weiss

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon break down the dumpster fire that is the Jets and react to the “leaks” coming out of postseason from the organization! Listen to all that in the segment above!  

Jason Smith: “Do we need hit piece on the Jets to tell us that the Jets are a BLANK show! Just myself I would have known that already. I don’t think we needed the inside exposé to tell us that the Jets are a dumpster fire! YOU DON’T THINK I KNOW THAT ALREADY! ”
Mike Harmon: “It’s commonsense and as our guy Frosburg would say its science! To go back to our favorite of the Simpsons, ‘Stop stop he’s already dead,’ that’s where we are at!”