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Will Joel Embiid be eligible for NBA Awards?

Photo: Andy Lyons

Joel Embiids knee has been a topic of conversation after the start of the New Year. With Joel Embiids repeated injury of the same knee the super star center is nearing the maximum games missed to be ineligible for any NBA awards. Chris Broussard and Rob Parker debate if the rule should change and if Joel Embiid should be punished for missing the maximum amount of games!

Chris Broussard: “Last year it was ridiculous voting for the All NBA teams! I think I had players on there that played 50 something games; so many stars were missing so many games! If the science, teams, and players feel like they can’t play 82 games anymore because of the wear and tear on the body then you know what be honest with the fans and cut the games of the NBA season!”
Rob Parker: “The push back on it makes no sense there should be a minimum of games you have to play to qualify it pretty simple it’s pretty cut and dry I don’t think its radical at all!”