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Why Did Nobody Want Bill Belichick?

Photo: Maddie Meyer

Dan Patrick: "There is a real good chance that Bill Belichick does not coach again in the NFL. He will be one year older, 73 in next year's hiring process. What team is going to relinquish control? And he's not your forever coach. How long is he going to coach? I thought Philadelphia, if they were going to make a change, Bill was going to be your guy... You want to hire somebody who is young. You want to get them before somebody else gets them. Nobody wanted Bill Belichick, at least what came with Bill Belichick. So the greatest coach of all time, nobody wanted him. Now, I think Arthur Blank wanted him in Atlanta, but the front office didn't because they were going to lose their jobs. Or they have to turn over the authority to Bill Belichick, and they obviously didn't want to do that. So he's maybe going into TV."

Dan Patrick reacts to Dan Quinn filling the final head coaching vacancy in the NFL. Dan explains why he finds Quinn's hiring to be less than inspiring for the Commanders. Dan explores why Bill Belichick is being left without a head coaching job for this season and breaks down why this may signify the end of Belichick's coaching career. Plus, Dan discusses other prominent former head coaches who were unable to find a new job.