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Rob Parker: Patrick Mahomes is Chasing Joe Montana First

Photo: Ezra Shaw

Chris Broussard: “I don’t think Mahomes needs 7 (rings) to surpass Brady. Do you think he needs 7 to make that a conversation?”
Rob Parker: “I think that you and a few other people have jumped the gun when it comes to Patrick Mahomes because he’s got to chase Joe Montana first before he gets to Tom Brady. I mean the idea that he’s better than Montana with 4-0 in the Super Bowl, 11 touchdowns, no picks, 3 MVPs is outrageous. I think that we have totally done a disservice to Joe Montana to think that Patrick Mahomes is there. If he loses this one he’s not even Joe Montana forget about Tom this idea that he’s chasing Tom Brady is a fallacy, he’s chasing Joe Montana first."
Rob Parker: “This skipping a Joe Montana and thinking he’s Tom Brady is ludicrous, it’s prisoner of the moment, it’s just forgetting about the history of the NFL and what Joe Montana was able to accomplish and I’m not on that bandwagon."

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker debate whether Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has a chance to surpass Tom Brady as the greatest quarterback of all time on today’s episode of The Odd Couple. Listen to the full segment above!