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Stop Treating Bronny James Like An NBA Player

Photo: Jayne Kamin-Oncea

Doug Gottlieb: "Can we stop with the crap? Bronny James is not an NBA player. The Pac-12 stinks as a league, and USC is the worst team. He doesn't start when everybody is healthy. And when he does start, they don't win. I can't help you. You can love LeBron, and I agree, Bronny has handled everything great. All of his intangibles are great. But what would he actually do to help an NBA team? LeBron needs to stop. He's making it worse, not better. LeBron was the one who said his son is better than NBA players, that he could help the Lakers right now. He's walking his son into what is going to be an untenable situation."

Doug Gottlieb reacts to Austin Rivers comparing his rise to the NBA to the expectations for Bronny James. Doug breaks down how people collectively need to pump the brakes on the way they discuss Bronny as a college player and NBA prospect, where his current play is in no way reflective of the sky-high expectations for LeBron's son.