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Covino and Rich Talk Sports, Music, Life and More with Lil Dicky


Broadcasting live from the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, Covino and Rich spent some time on today's show with rapper, comedian and actor David Burd, better known by his stage name, Lil Dicky. The guys talked about everything from sports and music, to acting, to life in general.

Lil Dicky: "I like [pickleball]. I've only played like four times and I am naturally good but I'm not naturally dominant, so it is a little frustrating to feel like I would dominate these people in tennis, and then I come in and they're better than me... I just need to play it more. It's a different bounce, a different ball, so I don't have the right touch yet... The first time I really spent time with Leonardo DiCaprio was playing pickleball and he was going so hard and was so good and I just hated losing."
Rich Davis: "In those moments... is it weird, like 'dude, I'm playing pickleball with Leonardo DiCaprio,' ...that's gotta be surreal, no?"
Lil Dicky: "It is surreal. I'm really in my core, a very normal guy, so I'm sitting there like 'oh my god, I grew up watching Titanic, idolizing this man, I can't believe he's HD, three-dimensional, right in front of me, beating me in pickleball."