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Jason Smith: Tom Brady is Secretly Happy Belichick is Unemployed

Photo: Ezra Shaw

Jason and Mike react to Tom Brady finally weighing in on the fact that Bill Belichick will not be coaching in the NFL this year. While Brady expressed surprise and confusion, Jason is convinced the seven-time Super Bowl champion is actually jumping for joy behind closed doors.

Jason Smith: "Is Brady really surprised? Or is this publicly, Tom Brady [being cordial] while privately he's [laughing]?... The two of them do a great job publicly of refraining from ripping the crap out of each other... You know that they don't like each other but they do the best they can -- it's almost like parents who get divorced where they can't stand each other, but when the kids are around they gotta play nice. Publicly, they say the most wonderful things about each other, but behind closed doors... Brady is laughing and high fiving."