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Rob Parker: Give Me Eli Manning Over Mahomes in a Super Bowl

Photo: Sarah Stier

Sports Illustrated published a column on Wednesday, listing the top 25 Super Bowl performances by a quarterback. One name glaringly absent from the list was Patrick Mahomes, prompting an interesting debate between Chris and Rob: in a Super Bowl specifically, would you rather have Mahomes or Eli Manning?

Rob Parker: "If you're talking about the regular season, I'm with you on Patrick Mahomes. But if you're talking about the Super Bowl, I would take Eli Manning over Patrick Mahomes any day, any hour, any time. Eli Manning is the man when you talk about a quarterback in those big moments... He beat Tom Brady twice! He has two of the greatest throws in Super Bowl history!... Eli Manning has been a better producer in the Super Bowl than Patrick Mahomes and I would take Eli any day over Mahomes in a Super Bowl."
Chris Broussard: "You should be embarrassed by saying that! You should get up right now, walk off the stage... That is a horrible take! Eli Manning wouldn't even take himself over Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl!"