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Marcus Williams Talks Minneapolis Miracle and Culture of Ravens Defense

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson

Marcus Williams on the Ravens culture: "It's everybody. It's the mentality going into that locker room. They do a great job of bringing in great guys to have that culture. They don't allow any cancerous people in there, so you see the type of culture, just by the people they bring in."
Marcus Williams on the Super Bowl: "I'm not watching. I don't care who wins, I don't want nobody to win. I'll be in my hot tub or something at my house... I'm not gonna be watching, I don't care what's going on. I may go read a book or something, I don't know."

Baltimore Ravens safety Marcus Williams joins The Doug Gottlieb Show live from Radio Row in Las Vegas. Williams gives insight as to how the Ravens sustain a consistently top-tier defense, shares his plans for Super Bowl Sunday, talks about bouncing back from the Minneapolis Miracle, and plenty more!