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Baker Mayfield Talks "Mutual Interest" in Returning to Buccaneers

Photo: Nic Antaya

Baker Mayfield: "The ball is in (Tampa Bay's) court right now. I've been vocal about the mutual interest. I was very appreciative of the opportunity I had there. How they run the organization, everything they're all about, how do we put our guys in the best position possible to win, I've been vocal about that. Going into free agency, my mindset would be the same thing, looking for something similar to that. Seeing them firsthand, I know how they operate."

Free Agent QB Baker Mayfield joins The Dan Patrick Show live in Las Vegas! Mayfield looks back on his comeback season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and asserts that there is clear mutual interest in the former number 1 overall pick returning to Tampa Bay. Mayfield sheds light on his hopes for the immediate future and explores the different possibilities with Dan.