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Jason Smith: Justin Fields Would Make the Steelers Super Bowl Contenders

Photo: Chris Unger

Jason Smith: "If the Steelers got Fields next season... I would make them my Super Bowl pick next year. Because they don't need anything other than good, competent quarterback play and Fields is gonna give you more than that. His style of play, being able to run how he does... Justin Fields is an over-the-top guy for the right team... You saw what [the Steelers] were able to do with nobody [at quarterback] this year... all that's missing is a quarterback. If they get Justin Fields, forget it, man. You're talking about a team that can go to the Super Bowl."

A new team has become the odds-on favorite to be the landing spot for Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields: the Pittsburgh Steelers. Jason and Mike react to the shift and discuss how the addition of Fields would benefit the Steelers. Jason thinks the 24-year-old signal-caller would not only make Pittsburgh better -- he'd make them full-blown Super Bowl contenders.