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Rob Parker: Mahomes Must Surpass Joe Montana Before Being Compared to Brady

Photo: Jamie Squire

After securing already his third Super Bowl on Sunday, all of the discourse surrounding Patrick Mahomes has to do with where he now lies relative to Tom Brady on the all-time quarterbacks list. On a new episode of The Odd Couple, Rob Parker and Kerry Rhodes (filling in for Chris Broussard) weigh in. Rob wants everyone to slow down and first question whether the 28-year-old has even passed some other NFL legends yet.

Rob Parker: "This is my issue -- they wanna leapfrog him over Joe Montana and say that Mahomes is chasing Brady... Montana was 4-0 [in Super Bowls] with a 127.8 quarterback rating... I think we are such prisoners of the moment. Whatever happened yesterday or Sunday is the best thing we've ever seen. Joe Montana had 11 touchdowns and no picks [in his Super Bowls]. Patrick Mahomes has five picks in four Super Bowls... This is not about tearing down Patrick Mahomes, it's about honoring what Joe Montana was able to accomplish in a rougher situation for a quarterback when [defenders] used to be able to [hit them a lot harder]."