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Rob Parker Says 49ers Need to Fire Kyle Shanahan

Rob Parker: “If I was a columnist in San Francisco I would write that Kyle Shanahan needs to be fired.” 

Chris Broussard: “Wow, fired??” 

Parker: “FIRED, I’m not even kidding you. I get it, he’s been to the Super Bowl twice in four years and they’ve won all these games but you can’t watch the same thing over and over and think it’s going to change. We’ve seen this. [Brandon] Staley wound up losing his gig because he wouldn’t adjust. You can’t keep doing the same thing and not figure it out. You could have a ‘philosophy’ but there’s a thing called ‘winning time’. You talk about being ‘out-coached’, there’s also a thing about just making wrong decisions over and over, and in these games – up 7 points with ten minutes to go [28-3] – you gotta understand that the more time you can eat off the clock, Tom Brady can’t come back and beat you, Patrick Mahomes can’t come back to beat you if you limit the amount of times they have by running the football. I’m not saying change everything you’ve ever done and play scared, but people are watching going ‘WHAT IS THIS?’ Seven times in NFL Super Bowl history where you blow a double-digit lead and he’s done it three times in the last eight years?? There’s a problem there. I don’t know if it's going to get through. You would have thought after he lost that 25-point lead to Tom Brady, where they ran the ball four times in the second half and they were set up at the 22... You blow that one, then with Jimmy Garoppolo they were up by ten and have him throw the ball. They were running the ball in that game, and better than this one. They were running the ball and all of the sudden they had Jimmy Garoppolo throwing like crazy, and you’re like ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING??’... In this game here, I'm not saying it was a guarantee, but if you run the ball some more... That 3rd and 4 [on SF's last offensive drive in regulation] I thought that was definitely a running down with that much time. You still eat up clock. I would rather Patrick Mahomes have a minute and ten seconds rather than a minute and 55. There's a BIG difference... Kyle Shanahan’s offenses convert just 25% on third down in the Super Bowl, 7 for 28. He's blown three of the largest leads in Super Bowl history, and Shanahan’s teams have been outscored – he's the offensive ‘genius’, right? -- outscored by a combined 58-12 in the fourth quarter and overtime. That’s a FIREABLE resume right there. You have to look at it and say 'is this guy going to get it done?' I know they won't do it because he's been to two Super Bowls, but I'm serious -- if I looked at his resume and what he's done, and these numbers are abysmal, I would fire him."

Watch Rob Parker of Fox Sports Radio’s The Odd Couple explain why the San Francisco 49ers need to fire head coach Kyle Shanahan after Shanahan’s third Super Bowl collapse as a head coach or offensive coordinator.

Check out the segment above as Parker chronicles Shanahan’s ‘fireable resume’, saying you have to get rid of an individual who won’t learn from their past mistakes.

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