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Jason Smith: “For Better or For Worse LeBron Is a Laker”


The Warriors have asked the Lakers if they are will to part ways with LeBron James with the deadline right around the corner. Jason Smith and Mike Harmon break down the Warriors motives in trying to go for the 4x NBA Champion and debate whether or not James can end up on another squad!

Jason Smith: “The Lakers called his bluff... For better or for worse LeBron is a Laker, he choose Los Angeles this is home now he is building an empire for after basketball. I could see LeBron doing one final season in Cleveland, but as you can see he’s not near the end he’s going to be a Laker till it’s the end!”
Mike Harmon: ”There are still a lot of folks that don’t give him credit for what he has done here in Los Angeles, the bubble title is still seen as this horrible ugly terrible thing, so does he keep fighting because he wants that respect here in Los Angeles?”