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Mecole Hardman: “When I Caught It, I Just Blacked Out”

Photo: Ezra Shaw

Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs WR Mecole Hardman joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick show as he prepares for their victory parade. He says he was so focused on doing his job he didn’t realize they had actually won the game when he came down with the ball. And he talks about Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Chris Jones and the rest of the squad’s reactions to the win, and a little bit about the postgame party they had to celebrate.

Dan Patrick: “How do you contain your excitement when you go to the line of scrimmage knowing that, if it works, you’re the Super Bowl hero?”

Mecole Hardman: “Man, you know what’s crazy? I don’t even think in that moment I really was thinking like, ‘Oh, I can walk the game off.’ I think it was just more so it was just do my job. But when I caught the ball I’m like, ‘Oh!’ I didn’t know what was going on and finally I realized that we actually won the game.”