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Rob Parker: “Mahomes Has A Chance To Be More Than An Athlete!”

Photo: Jamie Squire

In light of the today’s tragic shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl Parade, Rob Parker and Alan Lee discuss the change that athletes can bring to social and political issues around the world. Can Patrick Mahomes be a voice of reason in Missouri, or would he be better served staying on the sidelines?

Rob Parker: “Patrick Mahomes has a chance to be more than an athlete and maybe help to make change in Missouri in the wake of this! Some people don’t want their athletes to say anything, especially if it’s against what they believe. Other people will wish and hope that the athletes are more than that just because they have a platform!"
Alan Lee: “Sadly if anything it will probably only make a difference where he lives, but there are certain hot button topics in this country that you will get opposition against no matter how much sense it makes.”