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Was This the Last Championship Parade?

Photo: Jamie Squire

Dan Patrick opens the show discussing the ramifications from yesterday’s shooting near the Kansas City Chiefs championship parade. He believes America’s professional sports leagues and the NCAA will be taking a hard look at future open-air type celebrations in an effort to ensure the safety of their fans and players. Dan expects to see some changes to the way we go about celebrating championships in reaction to yesterday’s horrific tragedy.

Dan Patrick: “If you’re the NFL, or the NBA, or your college team wins a title, how do you celebrate? Where do you celebrate? Can you celebrate? Can we do this open-air type celebration? And I don’t know if we can anymore. I think these leagues will look hard at that and say, ‘We must ensure the safety of our fans, and certainly our athletes as well.’ Because when you think about it, they’re there on a bus. I mean, if somebody really wants to take somebody out, somebody wants to go after somebody, it’s there. And that’s what, you know, is scary. It just is.”